PVS: Home Economics Scheme of Work for JSS 2 Federal

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Home Economic Curriculum
Home Economic Curriculum

Prevocational Studies (PVS), Federal Capital Territory ERC, Home Economics Scheme of work for JSS 2. –Schemeofwork.com


1-Resource and decision making
Meaning of family resources.
Types of family resources.
Explain the meaning of family resources.List the different types of family resources.  
2-Resource and decision making
Meaning of decision making.
Steps in decision making
Explain the meaning of decision making.Mention steps in decision making Guide students in personal decision.
3-Resource and decision making
Simple decision making
Personal decision making  
Guide students in personal decision.
4-Care of family clothing and household linen. Methods of storing family clothing.
Types of household linen.  
Facilitate discussion on method of storing clothes.Mention types of household linen
5-Care of family clothing and household linen. Factors that enhance selection of household linen  Discuss the different types of household linen.Show different household linen.
6-Care of family clothing and household linen. Maintenance of household linen.
Enumerate the procedures for maintaining household linen.  
Explain maintenance of household linen.
Guide the students on the way to take care of household linens.
7-Clothing repairs Meaning of clothing repairs.Techniques in clothing repairs  Explain the meaning of clothing repairs.
Enumerate the procedure of clothing repairs
8-Patching Meaning of patching.Types of patching.  Explain and list types of patching.
9-Patching Types of darns, practical on darns and patch work.  Guide students in making patches in socks, skirts etc.

Basic pattern, drafting techniques. Meaning of pattern drafting.Basic pattern drafting tools and equipments.Explain the meaning of pattern drafting.Tools and equipments for taking body measurement.      
11-Fashion Designing Using instructions to sketch the styles.Taking body measurements.  Demonstrate body measurement.
13 /14ExaminationExamination

Prevocational Studies (PVS), Federal Capital Territory ERC –Schemeofwork.com


Week 1-Basic pattern drafting Listing terms in pattern drafting .Drafting basic bodice  Teacher guides students as they work.Adapt the basic block in different styles
2-Basic pattern Drafting skirts bodice.Steps in drafting bodiceAdapt the skirt bodice to pattern drafting.    
3-Meals and snacks Meaning of snacksTypes of snacksList the ingredients used in different snacks.  Explain the meaning of snacks.Guide the class to discuss on the different types of snacks.
4-Preparation of meals and snacks. Guidelines for washing up after meals.Practical work on snacks e.g. chin – chin, buns etc  Explain the guidelines after meal.Demonstrate steps in the preparation of snacks
5-Preparation of meals Guidelines for serving meals.Different methods of cooking e.g. boiling, frying etc  Explain ways of serving meals.Identifying of methods of food presented.
6-Food hygiene Meaning of food hygieneImportance of food hygiene.Guidelines for food hygiene.  Explain the meaning of food hygiene.Guide students in the importance of food hygiene.
7-Food nutrients Meaning of nutrient, nutrition, food etcSources of food nutrients.  Explain the terms of nutrients, food etc.List types of food nutrients.
8-Food Nutrients Classification of food nutrients.Functions of each nutrient.  Exhibit samples of food that contains these nutrients e.g. fish, bread, rice etc.  
9-Food Nutrients Deficiency diseases.Signs and symptoms of these diseases.     Discuss the signs and symptoms of these diseases.Show pictures of these diseases
10-Food Nutrients Prevention and treatmentCare of the diseases  Guide on discussion on how to care for these diseases


1-Healthy Feeding habits. Meaning of eating habits.Functions of food.Explain the meaning of eating habits.Mention steps in functions of food.  
2-Healthy Feeding habits. Good feeding habitsTable manners  Demonstrate ways of eating on the table.
3-Entertainment Meaning of entertainment.Importance of entertainmentPreparation of entertainment.Explain the meaning of entertainment and importance.Simple ways for entertaining guests  
4-Entertainment Meaning of table- layingImportance of table laying.Practical on how to set a table.  Demonstrate on table laying.  
5-Food purchasing, processing, preservation and safety. Meaning of food purchasing.Guidelines in food purchasing. E.g. meat, fruits and vegetables, expiring dates. etc   Discuss tips on how to purchase food items.  
6-Food purchasing, processing, preservation and safety. Meaning of perishable and non-perishable foods.Different perishable and non-perishable foods.Factors to consider when buying food.  Explain the meaning of perishable and non-perishable foodsDiscuss the factors in buying food.
7-Food Purchasing, processing, preservation and safety Meaning of food preservation.Reason for food preservation.Reasons for food preservation,  Explain meaning of food preservation.Discuss preservation for perishable and non-perishable food.
8-Preservation Methods of preservation e.g. freezing, sun, drying, salting etc.Practical on how to dry vegetables  e.g. tomatoes, okro, ginger etc.  Demonstrate on food preservation/storage.  
9-Food Processing Meaning of processing.Methods of food processing. E.g. milling, fermentation, etc e.g. cassava, Guinea corn, sweet potato.How to keep food safe.   Explain how to ensure safety of food  e.g. food labeling.
10-Meal Planning Meaning of meal planning.Guidelines for meal planning.Meals for different groups.  `1233
11-Meal planning Meaning of menu card.Practical on making a menu card.  Demonstrate the menu card which can be used in restaurants.  

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