Health Education Scheme of Work for SS 3 Federal

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Health Education Curriculum
Health Education Curriculum

Science Senior Secondary Syllabus Federal. SS 3 Health Education Scheme of Work First term and Second term –


1PIONEERS OF HEALTH EDUCATION IN NIGERIA -Profile of pioneers of health education like: Z.A Ademuwagun, J.A Ajala, C.O Udoh, J. Fawole, Owie Oshodin Folawiyo, O.C Nwana, G.B Onuha, J.O Adeniyi, Ogundeji, etc.Teacher leads students to discuss the profile of notable pioneers of health education in Nigeria.   INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES: Film clips.
2ENDOCRINE SYSTEM -Endocrine system -Disease of the endocrine systemStudents draw and label the endocrine system   INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES Posters, charts, CDs showing endocrine system
3POSTURE AND POSTURAL DEFECTS -Definition of posture -Correct postures for human activities -Determinant of correct postures(nutrition and exercise)Demonstrate correct sitting, walking, pushing, pulling, standing and lifting postures   INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES: Posters, charts and students.
4HEALTH MAINTENANCE AND RROMOTION -Definition of: i) health maintenance ii) health promotion -Essentials for health maintenance and promotion i) exercise ii) nutrition iii) regular medical check up -Health screening i) visual ii) auditoryTeacher leads the students to discuss the essential health maintenance and promotion programs.   INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES: Posters, charts, etc showing health maintenance and promotion programs.  
5DENTAL HEALTH EDUCATION -Definition: i) meaning ii) types -Types of human teeth(incisor, canine, premolar and molar -Teeth diseases e.g. dental caries gingivitis.  Teacher guides students to compare children and adult dentition and state the differences.   INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES: Posters, charts, students and a child.
6EPIDEMIOLOGY AND VITAL STATISTICS -Definition of terms: i) epidemiology ii) vital statistics iii) population dynamics – Components of vital statistics: i) fertility rates ii) mortality rates iii) morbidity rates -Major components of vital statistics and their uses.  INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCE Posters, charts and magazines illustrating vital statistics, population, etc
7PESTS AND VECTORS CONTROL -Pests and vector: i) meaning ii) differences between pest and vector iii) habitats iv) harmful effects v) control-Teacher guides students on how to use materials for pest and vector control in their community. -Students draw diagrams of some pests and vectors in their community.   INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES Insect treated nets, pesticides, insecticides, rat, cockroach, etc
8FOOD HYGIENE, PRESERVATION AND STORAGE -Principles and meaning of food hygiene -Food preservation, storage and poisoning.Students visit kitchens and restaurants to observe principles of food hygiene and practice.   INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES Empty cans, containers, apron, detergent, flask, salt, food items, etc.
9DISABILITY AND REHABILITATION -Meaning and prevention of disability -Types of disability(primary, secondary and tertiary) -Meaning of rehabilitation -Types of rehabilitation(medical, vocational, social and psychological)  Students dramatize types of rehabilitation strategies.
10PATHOGENS AND PARASITES -Define pathogens and parasites with examples(e.g. bacteria, fungi, ricketsia, helminthes, worms) -Differences between pathogens and parasites. -Characteristics of each non-communicable disease in relation to causation.Teacher guides students to discuss the activities of pathogens and parasites and tabulate them into different disease causation.  
11POPULATION EDUCATION -Meaning of population and population education -Census and its problems in Nigeria -Small and large population -Advantages and disadvantages of different types of populationField trip to National Population Commission and find out their activities.   INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCE Charts, posters, films, etc.

Science Senior Secondary Syllabus Federal. SS 3 Health Education Scheme of Work First term and Second term –


1HEALTH INSURANCE AND ADVERTISEMENT OF HEALTH PRODUCTS AND SERVICES -Meaning and importance of health insurance -Health insurance in Nigeria -Advertisement of health products and consumer servicesStudents compile the list of organizations handling operations of health insurance scheme in Nigeria and assemble print media cuttings on health products and consumer services.   INSTRUCTION RESOURCES Charts, posters, collections, etc
2NOSTRUM -Definition of nostrum -Types of nostrum i) Health tonic ii) Miracle substances iii) Magic portions iv) Amulates and talismanTeacher guides the students to discuss types of nostrum.   INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES Charts, posters, collections, etc.
3NOSTRUM -Classification of nostrum -Reasons for avoiding nostrumTeacher leads students to discuss why nostrum should be avoided.   INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIAL Charts, posters, etc.

Science Senior Secondary Syllabus Federal. SS 3 Health Education Scheme of Work First term and Second term –

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