Fisheries Scheme of Work for SS 3 Federal

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Fishery curriculum
Fishery curriculum

Trade Subjects Senior Secondary Scheme. SS 3 Fisheries Scheme of Work Federal.Packaging materials Nylon –


1Materials and methods of  harvesting fishVarious types of gears: Traps         Hooks and lineCast netsGill netsDrag netsScoop netsTraw netsPracticalPresent materials to students
2‘’Various fishing crafts:Dug-out canoeWooden/flat botton canoeMotorized canoeDingy TrawlersMethods of harvesting fishHooks and lineNettingPond drainingImpailing-spearingElectrofishing UltrasonicTrawling Pond draining – using scoop netPracticalDemonstrate the use of various gears and crafts
3Same  topicConstruction and mending of the gears PracticalDemonstration of the processing methods

Post harvesting processProcessing:De-guttingDe-gillingDe-scalling (for fish with scale)De capitation (in case of large fish)WashingMaterials for processingKnife, basin, tables, cutting slabs, etcPracticalGuide the students to identify various materials in processing, preservation and packaging
5Same topicMethods of preservation: Sundrying Wet-smokingDry smoking Frying FreezingFilleting CanningSalting(brining) PracticalPractice post harvesting process
6,, cont.Packaging materials Nylon, cardboard box, baskets PracticalStudents should give their own examples
7,, contPrimary and Secondary markets Fish mongersBars/restaurantSuper marketsHotelsIdentify other markets

Brood Stock Selection and HandlingDifferent between male and female sexually matured fish using sex organs.Striping them to know the stages of sex gemmates (eggs and milt)Qualities of good breed:Hardy/activeHave matured gemmatedFairly big sizeBroad stock handling:Ensure that transportation takes place in the morning or late in the eveningAllow a short period time (48 hours to one week) in a breeding compartment,  Ensure careful handling of the breeders to avoid to students in the breed stock selection and handling
9Artificial BreedingMeaning to manipulate the sexually matured fish to spawn or reproduce. Processes involvedDemonstrate the striping of male and female fish
10“ contProcesses involvedDemonstrate the process involved.
11Importance of artificial breeding To obtain fish seed To obtain large quality of seed fish To obtain high quality hybridsTo make fingerlings readily availableAsk and answer questions

Trade Subjects Senior Secondary Scheme. SS 3 Fisheries Scheme of Work Federal.Packaging materials Nylon –


1Artificial Breeding Cont.Various steps involved: – Brood stock selection – Conditioning of brood stock – Inducement of brood stock – Stripping the brood stock – Fertilization (Mixing the milt and egg) – Incubating the fertilized egg in an aquarium or hatch- e.g tank/troughs etc Activities:   Demonstrate the various steps in artificial breeding
2Managing and Nursing Fish seedThe Nursing Processes – Aaeration; – Feeding with natural food organism (planktons) after four days. – Introduction of artificial feeds (powdered feeds after one week)   Activities:    Demonstrate the various processes in nursing fish seed
3“             cont.Management Processes – Separating dead/unfertilized eggs from the hatchlings – Monitoring water quality (especially the dissolved oxygen Do, temperature etc) – Transferring out doors to nursery tanks/ponds after 21 days – Sorting the shooters/jumps from the stunts – Rear or raise the jumpers separate from the stunts. Activities Demonstrate the management processes

Trade Subjects Senior Secondary Scheme. SS 3 Fisheries Scheme of Work Federal.Packaging materials Nylon –

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